Don’t let the myths related to menopause cloud up your mind

Published On August 29, 2018 | By admin | Health

Menopause is a very common complaint that is experienced by all women who enters the age of forty. There are certain myths which surrounded the menopause. Let’s unveil them together.

Myth 1 – Irregular uterine bleeding

About 90% of women experience increase or decrease in the volume and frequency. Mind that the uterine bleeding is some serious condition that you cannot neglect. It is also an indication that you are aging.

Myth 2 – Physical life get affected

There is a misconception that when a woman has menopause, she find difficulty in getting physically involved. But, many of them still enjoy their sexual life without getting troubled. The key to this is maintaining the vaginal atrophy and healthy blood flow.

Myth 3 – Low libido occurs due to changes in estrogen level

It’s obvious that the libido automatically decrease with the increasing age. With this fact, it is also true that the menopausal woman finds more difficulty. But, this not at all means that the change in estrogen level is the reason.

You can buy Luveriente in that case and avoid any symptoms related to menopause. It is a new talk of the town.

Myth 4 – Menopause means no sexually transmitted infections

Well, Sexually Transmitted Infections can happen at any age or at any condition. Having multiple partners is the open invitation to all the sexually transmitted diseases no matter if you are on menopausal stage.

Myth 5 – You cannot get the relief from the menopause symptoms

This is absolutely wrong as natural supplement  is available in the market. It is the proven formula in Japan, which is chosen by most of the women there. It is known for enhancing the weakened DHEA synthesis.


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