Cosmetic Dentistry Tourism – Treatment While You Are Vacationing!


There has been a surge in cosmetic dentistry tourism all over the world where people spend millions of dollars on health-care in a foreign country. While people go to foreign countries for various treatment options, one prominent health care facility is the dental care solutions that many travellers look for when vacationing abroad. Some of the procedures that people look for in cosmetic dentistry includes dental implants, root canaling, crowning, and other corrective dental plans are becoming extremely popular.

Cosmetic Dentistry Tourism: Why go Abroad?

The concept behind dentistry tourism is people travelling abroad for dental treatment while having the option to explore the country and enjoy a vacation package while they are there for the procedure. Many people move to get dental treatment such as implants, bridge fitting, fillings, and other dental related surgery. The process can be as complex as a full surgery to as simple as teeth whitening and people prefer to go abroad for dentist tourism rather than go for treatment in their home country.

People travel abroad and look for dentist tourism options because in some countries the dental treatment plans are costly and not everyone can cover the costs of dental therapy. Most people avoid going to the dentist while many are not able to meet the treatment expenses and are not ready to go for the procedure that is suggested by the dentists. In some countries the dental care is unsubsidized, and many people do not carry any private dental insurance plan that makes it even more likely for people to look for dental care options in other country and go for cosmetic dental tourism.

What can be more fun than to travel to a beautiful tourist destination and enjoy a complete vacation package including the cost of your dental treatment? You still end up saving money as your dental care costs in your country remain high. Some businesses offer complete packages for sun, sea, and laughs, implying you can get dental care as part of your vacation.

There are travel agents who can help you with your cosmetic dentistry vacation and treatment options. Dental therapy elsewhere include flights, and leisure hotel service and is usually still reasonable than some dental procedures at your own country. Some of the most popular places for cosmetic dentistry include Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. Patients who fly tend to be everyday people with average earnings. And, like pharmaceutical tourism, a substantial part of the abroad dental trip includes diaspora cases reverting to their home nation for more comfortable (and inexpensive) care.

Should You go for Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad?

Dental surgeries and procedures are not risk-free whether the treatment is at your home country or abroad. However, the top dentists urge people to reconsider going for dental tourism especially if their home country has the best dental facilities when compared to other countries. When you travel abroad, you take the risk of going in for the dental procedure without being fully aware of the level of cleanliness and the treatment credibility and expertise of the dentist. In some cases when you travel for treatment abroad, you may find a lack of accountability at the dental clinics and weak regulations that exposes you to more risks especially if you are going for a complicated procedure.

You should also consider the level of education and academic standards of the country you are travelling for vacationing and getting dental treatment. You may find that the training of dentist overseas is weaker than the education and training of dentists in your home country. If dental education is inadequate, it means you will not be getting the quality treatment that you were hoping for at the overseas dental clinic. Further, if you do not receive the desired treatment, it will make the whole trip meaningless, and you still have to pay for better dental care.

You need to do proper research and see vacation plans in countries that will save you some money but also give you access to good dentists for cosmetic dentistry.

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