Can Your Cell Phone Damage Your Brain? 

Health studies published worldwide report using a cell phone over 10 minutes per day break down the body’s blood brain barrier allowing harmful toxins in the blood to enter into the brain. Government Studies link cell phone use to brain and tumors come out of the ear.

While the cell phone industry committee debates the health significance of these powerful cell phone radio signals exposing the brain to radiation, it’s hard to argue the point when cell phone manufacturers display RF exposure warnings inside the phone and instruction manual. (e.g. iPhone by selecting Settings, About, Legal, then RF Exposure.)

A few companies have stepped forward to provide mobile phone users with options to block the cell phone radiation. But buyer beware. Radiation blocking cases mounted on the back of the phone maybe reflected these powerful radio signals back to the head, doubling the exposure.

Cruz phone cases ( claims to be one of the best radiation blocking cases on the market. The design uses a patent pending flip lid constructed of materials that reflect back the pulsed microwave radio signal transmitted out of the front of the phone. These signals, that otherwise are absorbed into your head and now reflected back toward the cell tower. There is no noticeable cell tower interference so there is no radio signal loss.

Cruz Cases also offers full access to all accessory ports on the cell phone like powerful charger and ear speakers. “Our goal is to provide the best radiation blocking phone case based on the latest technology and fashion design”, states John Cruz/Founder of Cruz Cases. Cruz’s Universal case supports over 22 different cell phone making it one of the best to show phone cases for radio protection and user convenience. So far we give Cruz Cases a thumbs up!

Other options include stickers placed on the back of the phone and crystals. So far no test results have shown to be effective in blocking the cell phone signal directed to the brain.

As many States in the US and countries push for health warning labels on cell phone packages, many consumers are starting to protect themselves and family members now. Much like cigarettes, this is one health warning that is best to pay attention.

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