10 daily healthy habits to complement your Nutrisystem Diet program

Going for any Nutrisystem diet program is your first step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, going the extra mile to make to complement the diet means opening the secret to a happier, longer, healthier life.

Here are the 10 healthy habits you need to put in your life to enjoy along with your weight loss program from Nutrisystem:

  1. Don’t lose out on breakfast

Breakfast skippers lose out on weight loss. The National Weight Loss Registry shows that 78 percent of people who have successfully lost 30 pounds at least and keep them off for over a year are those who never skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast tempts you to go on a food bend later in the day that gains rather than losing unwanted weight.

Nutrisystem grab-and-eat breakfasts are there for people who are too busy to make one. Just never skip breakfast if you want to successfully take off the extra weight.

  1. Keep moving

Did you know that exercising can be addictive? Yes, really. People who want to live healthier lives can’t do without them.

Exercise has been seen to relieve anxiety, prevent diabetes and heart conditions, and fights off anxiety, stress, and depression. Relief from depression has been found by a study that is more effective than taking meds. Enhanced brain power can be caused by exercise. Studies have shown that chemicals present in the brain related to decision-making, learning, and higher concentration are boosted up by exercise.

  1. Get the required sleeping hours

7-9 hours of sleep is the required number of sleeping hours for adults. The way to good health is to get the required sleeping hours. Getting a good night’s sleep gives health benefits such as better body coordination, enhanced memory, and a happier disposition. Health conditions such as type 2 Diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, and obesity are avoided with a good night’s sleep. Food cravings and binge eating the following day are just some of the unhealthy risks you face to make up for the lack of sleep.

  1. Be thankful always

Being thankful for all the things you have and enjoy can make you healthy. One of the leading researchers on the gratitude of the world states that thankful people show stronger immune systems, better sleeping habits, take care of their health, and experience lesser degrees of pain and aches. Feelings of gratefulness also make people happier.

Learn to be thankful every day by keeping a thankfulness journal to daily list down all the things to be grateful for. Bad days should not stop you from listing down things you’ve enjoyed for the day. Your mobile phone can download a gratitude journal to make you remember to list down all the things you are thankful for every day.

  1. Take “me” time

“Me” time is very important which scientists call “self-care”. Meditation and exercising are some of the “self-care” healthy habits that bring back the joy of living.

  1. Go out with family and friends

People who take time to hang out with family and friends are also the healthiest people. People who do have friends are at risk to die early just like people with unhealthy habits such as alcoholism, obesity, and smoking. This was found in a study conducted by Brigham Young University.

  1. Load up on fresh veggies and fruits

The daily healthy requirement for fruits and vegetables is five to nine servings. The servings can be half a cup or 1 cup. Studies done by Harvard shows that meeting the daily fruits and vegetable requirements stabilized blood sugar levels, prevented some forms of cancer, and reduced blood pressure. Binge eating is also prevented with healthy doses of fruits and veggies.

  1. Think positive

People that always look on the bright side of life are the ones that are emotionally and physically healthy. Optimists are people that do something to live happily and healthily and they do. The journal Circulation published a Danish study in 2013 involving patients with heart conditions. The study found that patients with an optimistic view in their lives lived longer than those who were pessimistic. The optimistic patients were seen to choose healthy foods and exercise to maintain their weight and health. Exercise and healthy eating habits were seen to greatly lower the amounts of stress hormones that could damage their bodies.

  1. Touch and hug

Touching and hugging someone such as a person or your pet can right away improve your mood. Not only that; it can also relax you, lower down the pain levels and aches of your body, and boost up your immune system. Touch can take many forms. It can be a massage, a hug, a kiss or holding hands. Indulging in safe sex 1-2 times a week fights off infection.

  1. Face challenges as they come

Resilience to meet whatever comes your way is gained when you face challenges head-on. Going on a diet to lose weight can be one of the life’s challenging tasks. Meeting the challenge instead of running off to go back to your old ways will make you stronger, healthier, and happier.

In a nutshell

Nutrisystem can do so much for weight loss and health gain. However, learning healthy daily habits to complement the diet goes a long way for you and your health. Planning to do something about your health is the first step. Doing all the healthy habits every day to make it a habit is better.

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