Ways to Save Time Every Day

For most us, it can be hard to find enough minutes in the day to squeeze in all the tasks that we want to tick off the checklist. What with rush hour traffic, social media channels and attending appointments, every little bit of time that you can save really counts. Here, we are taking you through some quick and easy ways that will help you save precious minutes of your time daily.

Work Anywhere

Advancements in technology now mean that we do not have to restrict to the confinements of the office and you can work anytime, anywhere. Being able to use your smartphone on the go should be able to help you save time with many different work related tasks such as making calls, answering mail and looking over notes. What’s more, if you take public transport to work, you can save yourself even more time by getting work done on the bus or the train. These minutes can quickly add up over time!

Skip Long Workout for HIIT

For many of us, a lot of time is spent in the gym. However, if you are the type of person who goes to the gym and spends an hour on the treadmill, then why not switch to HIIT workouts instead? HIIT workouts are high-intensity interval training, which is short and intense workouts of around 20 minutes. These workouts will not only save you lots of time daily, they are also extremely effective too.

Delete Social Media

There are now apps that can track how many hours a day you spend on social media. We would recommend downloading one and monitoring this for even just a week and we can guarantee that you will be shocked by the results! We now spend hours upon hours each day trolling through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram and much of this time is purely out of boredom. Why not go against the grain and delete your social media profiles so that you can instead focus on the things that really matter.

Download Apps

While we would suggest deleting your social media profiles, when it comes to apps we would suggest that you download more! Many apps are now designed to save you a lot of time. For example, going to the doctor can take up a big chunk of your time, however, you can now download the Dr App Online and use this instead of travelling to see your GP. This app will allow you input your symptoms and it will help to pinpoint the problem. What’s more, you can also book appointments with GP’s using the app and speak with them over Skype. This can save you a tonne of time during your hectic working day. Another example would be to download a traffic app which can alert you to any traffic jams and will tell you the best shortcut to take so that you are not wasting valuable time.


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