Turning the lights on so somebody’s home.


Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning feeling like sacks of cement have been attached to your body while you were sleeping? Or even though you have had a full 8 hours of sleep, you still feel exhausted and gassed out? That’s probably because you are burnt out and fatigued that your body takes a much longer time to fully recover.

There are certain remedies to this such as taking energy drinks or caffeine, though the effects from the caffeine high and sugar rush will only be short lived and you would possibly feel much worse than you did when you woke up. That’s why more people are starting to look into and use natural supplements such as adrafinil to provide them with that extra boost of energy to wake them up.

What is it all about?


Basically, it is a nootropic supplement that stimulates your central nervous system, much like what caffeine does, waking you up and giving you a much needed energy boost as well as prevent fatigue. Adrafinil not only wakes you up physically though, it also wakes you up mentally so that you are more alert and not just walking about like a mindless zombie.

The lights are on


As they say, “the lights are on but nobody’s home”. That is not the case here; aside from the benefit of waking you up physically, this stimulant will also wake your brain from sleep as well, giving you more focus and a heightened level of alertness, not the jumpy, anxious kind of alertness when you had too much coffee to drink though, just enough to make you not miss important details. The supplement also makes it easy for you to do loads and loads of mental work without easily getting drained.

Quite handy for students


The above explanation makes this particular synthetic nootropic very favourable for students, especially if they just pulled an all-nighter studying. Aside from waking them up both mentally and physically, it also improves certain cognitive functions such as being able to focus more on the subject at hand and not tend to drift away, it also enhances your mental clarity so you’ll not feel like your mind is in disarray and like as said above, it makes you deal with a lot of mental work without getting burnt out, just perfect for students who are taking exams, especially math exams.

How much does one need to become a genius?


Probably a lot but the recommended dosage for this nootropic is around 150-300 mg daily and since it is considered as a very potent nootropic, you should be fine starting at a lower dosage to give your body some time to adjust to it and then build up from there. Since it makes you alert, it’s probably best to take it during the morning with an empty stomach to get the best results as well as you can sleep peacefully at night, unless you’re pulling an all-nighter. Aside from it being a relatively safe supplement with little to no adverse side effects, taking it for long periods of time might affect your liver, so it’s best to take it in cycles.

Feeling drowsy and out of it when you really need to do something important can totally affect your performance, luckily nootropics such as Adrafinil are there to assist you when coffee is not just enough to do the job.

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