Social Security Disability Insurance – A Cover for Your Health

Health is wealth and we all know it well. We have insurance coverage to protect our precious health. But what if we suffer disability due to an accident or illness? Is there any coverage to protect our future? Yes, SSDI is a good option for that purpose.

Majority of common people in America have a very little or nil understanding of social security disability insurance. This is strange as a good number of Americans – more than 60 millions – enjoys benefits from social security schemes. Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI and Social Security Insurance or SSI are the most important schemes in this regard. SSDI is designed to provide monthly benefits to those who have already registered for this scheme. The objective of SSDI is to ensure financial stability for the disabled people.

However, common people may find logistics of the SSDI program quite confusing. The SSDI applicants are mostly concerned about if they will be able to continue with their current insurance and if it will have any negative effect on their application for disability claims.

Effect of Current Health Insurance on SSDI or SSI Claims

The potential applicants are in luck as their current health insurance will have no impact on their qualifying for SSDI or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) claims. Irrespective of your current insurance coverage, you will be eligible for either Medicare or Medicaid.  In addition, there are several important aspects of your health insurance coverage that you must take into consideration before applying for social security disability benefits.

Will Your Current Insurance Qualify As Your Primary Insurance?

If you are eligible to enrol in an SSDI program, you will be allowed to keep your other currently owned insurance policies. In that, the current insurance may remain as a primary one or slip below Medicare/Medicated. And you must know the difference between its being primary or secondary insurance.

Primary insurance will bear the lion’s share of your medical expenses on every regular check-up, hospital visit or the likes. This insurance also pays first. In that case, secondary insurance supplements your primary insurance and only pays for remaining part of your medical expenses.

If your current insurance qualifies as the primary one, it will be intelligent of you not to disturb the setting. By doing that, you can make a good amount of saving as you will be exempted from paying Medicaid/Medicare premiums for full enrolment. On the other hand, if your current insurance qualifies as a secondary insurance, it will be wise to enjoy full benefits of your social security plan, whatever you have applied for.

Will Qualifying For Disability Benefits From Non-Governmental Institutes Help You Automatically Qualify For Social Security?

For some institutes, disability outside of social security is accepted. Though such recognition will benefit in times of your SSDI applications, it is not a guarantee that you will be eligible for monetary benefits from government. Visit the SSA website to check the list of approved disabilities to know if the kind of your disability will make you eligible for an SSDI program.

Advice from Attorney

If you are seeking for long-term disability claims, you should consult with an attorney. It could be a lengthy, boring and stressful process to gather all information about SSDI. Furthermore, the applications must be filled up correctly and even a minor mistake is enough for your disqualification. A social security attorney will be of great help as he has vast knowledge and experience in dealing with such claims.

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