Do Saunas Help Acne? Here’s How Using a Sauna Can Help You Get Clearer Skin

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Do Saunas Help Acne? How to Sauna Your Way to Better Complexion

Do saunas help acne? Even some celebrities swear by the power of saunas for clearing their skin. If you’re interested in how saunas can help you solve your skin issues, read this and learn how to sauna your way to a better complexion.

Everyone knows that during puberty, you get acne. But what happens when you are over 20 years old and still have acne?

Well, you aren’t alone, around 55% of adults aged 20 through 40 suffer from some sort of ance related skin condition. The reason acne is on the rise for adults is due to stress.

So how do you get rid of stress? By using a sauna.

You may wonder, “do saunas help acne?”. The answer is yes.

If you suffer from acne ranging from mild to severe, we will give you reasons as to why saunas may help clear your skin.

Saunas Reduce Stress

Whether you’ve had a chaotic work week, your kids are driving you crazy, or you’ve just had a lot on your mind, going to a sauna is a great way to relax.

Saunas are a comfortable way to isolate yourself from the rest of the world for a few minutes a day.

If you use a public sauna, you can socialize with the others around you. If you have your own sauna at home, like one of these saunas, you can spend time in silence.

Regardless of what mood or preference you have, taking 15 minutes out of your day to release stress will improve both your mood and your health, which will help you maintain the clear skin that you want.

Sweat Is Good For The Skin

Contrary to what you might hear, sweating is good.

Your skin is the largest organ your body has, therefore, it absorbs the most toxins. When your body sweats, it gives your skin a chance to extract the toxins and waste that your skin accumulated throughout the day.

The heat from saunas increases blood flow and circulation in the body which helps your skin expel toxins. The heat also helps regulate your skins natural pH levels.

Often times when your skin is producing too much oil or breaking out, we over wash our face. Then if our skin is feeling to dry, we try to replenish some moisture by using a moisturizing cream.

Although it is good to replenish your skins natural moisture, you aren’t doing it correctly.

Moisturizes are made with artificial ingredients that work from the outside-in. This means that your skin is absorbing things it doesn’t naturally produce and you are changing your body’s pH level.

This causes more oil and acne to be produced. But by using a facial sauna, your skin is naturally expelling unnecessary oils and toxins which allows it to regulate itself.

Do Saunas Help Acne Sufferers?


Because saunas have the ability to reduce stress, improve blood flow, and increase circulation, it gives your skin an easy way to expel unwanted toxins. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on face products that will change your body’s natural pH levels, naturally sweat it out.

By eating healthy, sweating, and reducing stress, there is no way acne can continue to ruin your day. So if you want to spend less time worrying about your skin and asking questions like “do saunas help acne?”, try it out instead.

We guarantee you will love your radiant and clear skin.

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