Health Benefits of Yoga Explained

Yoga is one of the ancient practices that man has performed seeking mental, spiritual and physical excellence. Besides helping you relax your mind and get better control over your cognitive ability, Yoga is known to be a great aid in burning fat and strengthening muscles. The health benefits of yoga include better heart function and enhanced muscle function. In this article we have compiled facts about yoga that will make you love this practice even more:


Diabetes has been a chronic problem, around for several years. The high sugar levels in the body are a result of improver insulin function and the common problems associated with it are decreasing nerve impulses, irregular bowel function, loss of sensation, nerve damage and feet numbness. SuryanamskarTadasana, Konasan, Padmasan, Pranayam, Shavasan, Pavanmukthasan, Sarpasan, and Shavasan are a few Yoga asanas that help improve the nerve function in diabetic patients.

Chronic pains:

One of the many health benefits of yoga includes relief from chronic pain. Yoga asanas can be very useful in treating a variety of pains especially the back pain. It has a number of therapeutic exercises that help in improving posture and thus a number of pain and aches in the body.


There are many side-effects of the menopause state which makes the already tough transition tougher. Hot flashes, pains, mood swings are a few to name. Practising Yoga at the time of menopause is known to help women in lowering these side effects. Yoga during menopause decreases stress and anxiety, boosts energy levels, regulates mood swings and lowers the discomfort.


Reports say that every 1 out of 10 people is suffering from depression. Yoga asanas like AnulomVilom, KapalBhati and other meditational exercises that relax the mind and the soul. People practising yoga report relief with depression issues as the mind gets to breathe in more oxygen than regular during Yoga exercises.


One of the most well-known facts about Yoga is that it helps in regulating obesity. Power Yoga is one way to lose extra weight and gain back your toned body. Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga is a few yoga classes forms that help in improving the BMI and hence better fat burning in the body.

Above are some of the well-known facts about yoga. There are many other health benefits of yoga that one can reap with regular practice. It is also known to help in preventing chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases and more. The need of yoga in our lives is very similar to the need of health insurance: they both help reap health benefits in the long run.

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