Have An In Depth Introspection With Hair Loss Related Issues

Losing hair is common almost in all women, but during and after menopause, this rate of hair fall increases in most cases. In fact, it has been estimated that there are almost two thirds of women that experience thinning of hair during the post menopause phase. In some cases, baldness is also noticed. It is very essential to understand that there are several causes for which the hair might start falling, but in order to know the cause, one has to step three months back. Before the process of actual hair fall starts, the cause already gets developed.

Different Causes:

Medical science has established the fact that there are different causes for which loss of hair might occur during this phase. However, most of the causes are largely related to the increase and decrease in the level of hormone in the body of women. It is natural that when a woman is under the post menopause phase, she experiences several different changes in her bod. The loss and thinning of hair is one of the primary causes of the changes in the hormone levels in the body. Though several other symptoms are evident due to changes in the level of hormone, yet loss of hair is one of the major symptoms.

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Decreased Estrogen:

Estrogen is an important hormone that plays a significant role in the body of every woman. Before menopause, the level of estrogen is quite high, and therefore, it offers protection to the system of women from the small amount of testosterone. After menopause, since the amount of estrogen decreases in the body, the effect of testosterone becomes high resulting in significant baldness and loss of hair. In addition to that, it has also been found that the process of ovulation gets decreased or stopped permanently due to which different parts of a women’s body are affected. This is also largely related to the level of progestin in the body.

Poor Diet and Stress:

Lack of proper diet and stress related conditions are also some of the major reasons for which menopausal women generally experience loss of hair. There are no adequate and balanced nutrients in the diet. As a result, the body can also not deal with stressful situations. This often results in the loss of hair. However, there is absolutely nothing to be worried because there are different treatment options available in this case which largely help in improving the condition.

Treatment Options:

As medical science has progressed, there are different treatment options available that can prevent the loss of hair.

Natural Alternatives:

There are some plant based hormones like phytoestrogens that can naturally work in increasing the level of hormone in the body. This in turn, will also promote new growth of hair.

Balanced Diet:

By taking a balanced diet, the level of iron, vitamin, protein and zinc should be increased in the body. This in turn, will lead to the growth of hair even after menopause.

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

This is one of the best ways through which hormones can be injected and the levels can be increased in the body.

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