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Beauty Care

5 Ways Exercise Is Messing Out With Your Skin.

There are no doubts that exercise rocks. In addition to getting you toned, strong and fit, exercise has more to your health than words can explain. And that shot of feel good hormones exercise provides you with is something to...


5 Benefits of a Medical Billing Service

As a health practitioner, one has to wear many hats to keep the health unit flourishing. This includes handling the finances, taking care of billing and claims and providing superb quality health care service. Of course, this is just for...


How to Take Care of Bed-Ridden Patients

There are a number of diseases out there that cause a patient to become completely bedridden. In some cases, it is just a temporary setback, where absolute bed rest can help with faster recovery. However, in other more serious scenarios,...

Beauty Care

Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Mumbai

Pigmentation refers to colouring. The colour of your skin is affected by skin pigmentation disorder. A pigment called melanin results in producing skin colour. Melanin itself is formed by special cells in the skin. When these cells become damaged or...

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