Day Archives: December 12, 2016


Bakesplit: Silicone Baking Sheet Divider- A Baking Revolution

  Did you know that roasting meats and vegetables in the oven is totally lit right now?Baking is changing, and you don’t want to miss it. Basically the Bakesplit is at the Tesla-level of innovation of the baking game right...


Crisis Pregnancies | Parent, Abortion & Adoption

Around the United States there are millions of children that are homeless.  Homeless, Pregnant Kids? From the city of Chicago, almost 50,000 children are currently homeless. The teen pregnancy rate among homeless adolescent girls is almost 70%. What causes...


Smog and the Battle Against Premature Aging

  The pictures and videos of Chinese citizens walking down the street all wearing paper face masks to prevent breathing in heavy pollution have become synonymous with modern concerns over environmental pollutants. Since the advent of the industrial age, we...

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