How Yoga Detoxes the Body

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Detoxification of the body is the removal of waste and toxins from the body. Wastes and toxins are capable enough of accumulating and harming health. Natural detoxification occurs daily with the help of the liver, intestines, kidneys, and skin. Unnecessary products of metabolism are excluded from the body with the same toxins.

Source of Toxins

Toxins accumulated in the liver, kidneys, lymph, and blood pollute the body. The human body is exposed to chemicals that permeate daily from the polluted atmosphere, pesticides and nitrates found in food, household cleaners and a host of cosmetic ingredients. Food preservatives, tranquilizers, pesticides, and chemical waste accumulate in tissues in the form of toxic substances, causing diseases. Detoxification is a metabolic process that helps the body in transformation and removal of toxins.

How to Detox the Body?

The best way to “clean” the body is to take measures to minimize the effects of chemicals. The best measures include use of organic products, use of natural cleaning products and drinking enough water.

To improve the natural processes of detoxification of the human body, experts advise drinking more fluid, such as purified water, herbal tea, various nutritional supplements for detoxification, fibre for improved bowel function, fresh juices and salads for the liver and kidneys. Moreover, detox can also be obtained with baths using sea salt, acupuncture, fasting, and undergoing detoxification cleanses on a professional program.

Yoga as Detox

Detoxification by yoga is a physiological method of eliminating toxic harmful substances from the human body with the help of physical exercises. The performance of Pranayama is a special breathing technique that stimulates the work of internal organs, triggering the processes of regeneration and oxygen saturation of organs, improving their blood circulation.

As a result of regular practice, slags and excess fluid are removed from the body and incredible lightness appears in the body. Immediately, the condition of the skin improves, hairs get healthy and extra pounds go away. The anxiety decreases, improving the working of intestines. Cleansing the body of toxins stimulates the body’s internal reserves, triggers its self-renewal and comprehensive recovery. Such yoga is recommended for slimming belly, and sides, improving the relief of legs, arms, eliminating the “second chin”, and improving overall well-being.

Pluses of Practicing Detox Yoga

Effective Body Cleansing

Detox yoga does not contain asanas at the limit of possibilities and should not be debilitating. Yoga pays close attention towards hygiene of the body since perfect health and inner harmony are possible only with the complete removal of toxic substances. Effective cleansing of the body, followed by health improvement, strengthening of immunity and increased endurance during detox yoga is due to the removal of toxins and pathogenic elements through sweating during exercise, improving digestion and peristalsis of the intestine with special asanas and accelerating oxygen exchange.

Increase in Energy

Some techniques from yoga will help you reduce the need for coffee, strong tea and other energy drinks that are undesirable during detox. Thanks to them you can feel cheerful all day and increase productivity and personal effectiveness. But there are also those that will allow you to switch to a mode of rest and relaxation, when necessary.

Emotional Balance

Practice of yoga gives a pronounced parasympathetic effect that helps to relieve stress and emotional tension, which we can feel as a feeling of fear, outbursts of anger, and nervousness. There are Yoga Techniques, such as “Nadi-shodhana pranayama” meaning alternating breathing through both nostrils, which has a balancing effect on the nervous system and helps to cope with emotions, excitement and excessive reaction. A similar technique is possessed by the technique of complete yogic breathing. Simple meditation-tuning is a technique during which we observe the sensations in the body and breathing.

Mental Health

We experience enormous fatigue and information overload. In addition, we do not have enough time to slow down and just be alone with ourselves. Thanks to the meditative practices of yoga, we can calm the mind, get rid of fatigue, and improve concentration and purposefulness. Reducing anxiety allows you to better understand the goals and confidently move towards them. It is the clarity of perception that largely determines the success of our endeavours, whether it is a project at work or a detox program.

Attaining Awareness

Although yoga was not designed for detox or losing weight, it helps in solving many hidden problems including food behaviours, unhealthy habits, emotional overeating, and stress. This is because of the fact that through practice we bring a new level of awareness to our actions and choices that help us in getting rid of patterns and habits.

The practice of yoga is like breathing, every new breath is a new moment of life, and at any second you can start a new by changing our breathing, according to the needs of our body. It also helps you to stay in the present and not balancing forward.

With just one week of yoga exercises, you will start experiencing a noticeable transformation of the body and mind. You will feel that your digestion has improved, with improvements in immunity, skin, and hair. Moreover stress will go away, positive energy in you will increase and excess weight will go away.

Yoga as an integrated complex system can have a tremendous effect on all levels of your Life. The person’s readiness to go through all stages depends on life’s motivations and goals. You can choose what you need right now for you.

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