Which extensions are best? Clip extensions or taped extensions?

Published On April 21, 2017 | By Gerardo Sanders | Hair Loss

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a method of extending one’s hair or increasing the volume of it through incorporation of natural or synthetic hair. Natural human hair can be styled, permed, dyed or flat ironed whereas synthetic hair cannot. False hair or extensions is predominantly used for glamour as an accessory as it takes a long time to grow your hair very long. However, other uses include cancer patients, or those with hair growth issues.

What are clip extensions?

Clip extensions are a strip of hair sewn or glued into a clip which is then attached to your hair. This is beneficial for 3 main reasons. 1) It can be chosen to match the exact colour of your hair to create a realistic look and feel. 2) The clip is similar to that of a hair clip which is beneficial because the clip can become hidden and therefore a much more realistic look is achieved. Benefit number 3) is the fact that clip extensions are relatively cheap and can be bought from many retailers. However, some would dispute that these can be noticeable and tacky and therefore shouldn’t be used. Luxury stylists can debunk this stigma through professional, extensive use and high quality training.

What are taped extensions?

Tape extensions are thin 1 inch wide strips of tape with hair attached. These are then placed onto the scalp underneath the top layers of hair which is the “sandwiched” in by the other hair. This means they are almost bonded together and secure. Taped extensions are similar in price to clip extensions. They are easy to maintain and do last a long time so they hold good value for money. They can even make your hair more versatile and you don’t have to remove them to swim, shower, or workout. However, it is more important that you get these done professionally because it’s more difficult to attach. Despite this, many argue taped extensions are better because they stay in your hair for much longer.

So, what’s the verdict?

For the outgoing, sporty and practical people amongst you, the marginally higher cost of taped extensions might be a measly price to pay for you to enjoy some no hassle, long and volumised hair. Whereas for those concerned with nights out, and a pure aesthetic, less permanent option – clip in extensions will do you just fine. Treatments for both of these and more information can be found here over at Adva Salon spa.


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