What to ask of yourself and your gynaecologist

Published On August 10, 2017 | By Gerardo Sanders | Health

When there are so many questions across so many subjects, you can often get confused, overwhelmed and even negligent about the subject at hand. It is so important not to have this approach or attitude, though, if you wish to have a pleasant experience overall. Whether you are just going for a general check up or you want to have something quite specific looked at that, then go into the process as prepared as possible – don’t waste your time or the time of others. You’ll be grateful, as will they.

Your prerogative

That said, it is your allowance to be as clever and insightful or as ignorant and misinformed as you want to. It’s really up to the professional at hand to steer you onto the straight and narrow – and in a direction that is beneficial for you in the long term and even the short term. So, as is the case with several other scenarios in the life you lead, ask as many questions as you want to or can. It’s your money that’s paying for those queries and answers. Don’t feel like you are not going to get your money’s worth, if you don’t ask enough questions and effectively skill up your knowledge base.

Female or male

Whether the gynaecologist Melbourne, New York, Cape Town, Mumbai or Auckland has to offer is a male or a female, it can be rather irrelevant in the thinking of many. However, others who are rightly picky and prefer to have a servant of the same sex, must have their demands met in a timely and professional way. Many females will only want to be seen by the same sex, while others might be completely comfortable and fine with a man tending to them. It’s not the case for all, though, so needs mentioning up front and at the start of any working relationship.


Where are they based? Will you be able to get there quickly and easily? How much traffic needs to be accounted for when going there for late afternoon appointments or visits in the morning? These are just some of the things that need to be asked of yourself and them before committing and going forward. These all might seem like overly practical approaches, but you will find them to be entirely necessary when the crux of the matter has to be sorted out.


Another practical element is to find out the doctor’s rates. Are they covered by the basics of your medical scheme, or perhaps they weigh in at 200 percent and will need a hefty contribution from your own purse, wallet or bank balance. Go to the right person to speak to in the financial department – and seek honesty and transparency that is not going to leave your short of hundreds if not thousands of rands, dollars or pounds at the end of the day. One doesn’t want this unsavoury expense to harm your thoughts and health on the practice for the future.

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