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What the Nose Knows

Published On March 8, 2017 | By Howard Munoz | Beauty Care

While everyone is familiar with the term nose job, and a great many people would also know its correct name is rhinoplasty, very few would know exactly how one works. Or know all the reasons why you might consider one.

As it’s a vital part of your body, and placed right in the middle of your face, if you do find yourself needing a nose job, you want to know you’ve got the best possible person working on it. A good rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to achieve perfect functionality of your nose, as well as optimal aesthetics, which is a very delicate balance.Image result for Nosejob

Why might you need a nose job?

  1. To achieve better symmetry for your face
  2. To straighten dints or bumps, shorten or lengthen it, or change its overall shape
  3. To fix issues following from accident or injury
  4. To fix issues of functionality such as breathing or snoring
  5. Birth defects of the nose

What you should look for in a rhinoplasty surgeon

Your surgeon should be very skilled and experienced. He or she performs a very complex role. You should choose someone that you feel comfortable with, and that you feel listens to your individual requests. You should give as much detail as you possibly can about how you want your nose to look, and your surgeon should consider and understand this. You should choose someone that has great attention for detail; this is a very delicate form of craft after all.

Your surgeon should also seriously consider your reasons for wanting the surgery, and may undertake psychological testing to ensure you are well enough to request the procedure. This is a serious and obviously long-term decision, so not something to be made lightly.

Will I look weird straight after surgery?

Well, yes. And you should pencil in some recovery time until you feel more like yourself. But it should be worth it in the end.

Will it hurt?

You will be asleep during the procedure so it won’t hurt then. The bulk of the pain afterward will be from the amount of swelling you get. Your surgeon should prescribed you pain relief and explain ways to reduce the swelling. Even just cold clothes on your face can help.

How long does it take to recover?

This will vary from patient to patient, and your surgeon will be able to give you the best estimate. As a guide, you will probably be unable to work for 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

What does it cost?

Unfortunately this is a similar question to ‘How long is a piece of string?’ There are many variables which will affect how much your surgery costs. The more experienced your surgeon, generally the more they will charge. As this is the middle of your face you’re talking about cutting into you probably don’t want to go much on the cheap side with this choice. You may also pay more for the rooms and equipment your surgeon uses, for the amount of anesthesia required, and for how much care and follow up is required during recovery.

If your rhinoplasty is purely for cosmetic purposes, it will not be covered by most health insurance plans.


So if it’s something you’ve been considering for a while, it could end up being the best thing you ever did. There are some amazingly talented rhinoplasty surgeons out there who have created some very satisfied (and symmetrical) customers.

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