Tips for Making Room in Your Life for Volunteering

Published On April 21, 2017 | By Anna McDonald | Health

With work and family and everything in between, life is busy. If you’re like other adults with a too-full itinerary, you may find that you can barely find time to see friends and do other things you’ve been wanting to do, such as volunteer.

Before you assume that your life is too busy to volunteer and it can wait until you have more free time, strongly consider getting involved. Volunteering has many benefits from meeting new people in your community and feeling like you’re part of something bigger. It may even help you feel more relaxed and get rid of the stress that’s often connected with a busy life.

Here are some tips for making volunteering a priority without making it seem like “one more thing to do”:

Think Beyond the Office

Careers are important, but sometimes we invest too much time and energy into them. As a result, we can feel burned out, resentful, and disconnected from the things we love. While your job can help your achieve certain life goals, it can’t help you meet them all.

If you’re putting a lot of extra time in at work and feel like you’re getting nowhere, use that time to volunteer and reach other life goals like learning new skills. You can also try to get your coworkers involved with volunteering or suggest a volunteering opportunity in your community to the higher ups at your company.

Volunteer With Passion

Many busy people shy away from volunteering because they can’t find an opportunity that interests them. Do you love spending time with animals or have excellent culinary skills? Sign up with a volunteering organization or download a volunteering app to help you find an opportunity based on your passions.

If you find something you enjoy, you’re more likely to take time out of your busy schedule.

Get the Family or Friend Involved

Worried that volunteering will interfere with the time you could spend with family or friends? Why not get them involved, too? Volunteering is an excellent way to strengthen your personal relationships will becoming connected to your community.

Do a Little at a Time

Some do-gooders burn out on volunteering because they try to do too much at once. Rather than trying to pack as many opportunities as you can in a small amount of time, volunteer consistently throughout the year. Consider a few hours a month or one hour a week; anything that seems “doable” throughout the year.

Use Social Media to Stay Connected

Using social media can help you find volunteering opportunities in your community but it can also keep you inspired. Share your experiences and get connected with fellow volunteers to help you stay accountable. You may even inspire others to get involved in volunteering, too.

Consider Volunteering a Part of Self-Care

When people get too busy, they often forget to take care of themselves. Even if you’re eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep, what are you doing to enrich your life outside of work and other obligations? Even though volunteering helps others, you are also helping yourself.

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