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Things you must not do after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Published On May 8, 2017 | By Gerardo Sanders | Health

Wisdom teeth removal can interfere with the most basic activities in the life of an individual. The surgery leaves the patient with soreness and pain and the body takes substantial time to come back to its normal state. The first few days after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney must be carefully handled and no stressful activities must be undertaken during this time.

Read on to find the most important things to avoid during the initial days post wisdom teeth removal surgery.

  • Do not consume alcohol while taking your painkillers

Painkillers are generally prescribed for a week or so in order to offer relief from the post-surgery pain. Consuming alcohol while you are on pain killer may result in more complex problems. It is recommended to go through all the warnings that come with the pain killer beforehand. Alcohol when combined with certain pain killers can cause oral cavities, liver damage and make you incapable of activities like driving, focusing on smaller details and so on.

  • Say no to crunchy food items

While the swelling may have come down completely, the site of surgery remains tender for over 2-3 weeks. During this time period, the patient must opt for softer food items like fruits, rice, ice creams and so on. Crunchy food items like chips or hard bones must be avoided until the stitches have been completely dissolved or removed.

  • Travelling without any precautions right after surgery

While it is safe to travel right after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, it is important that patients must take the right precautionary steps in order to feel comfortable throughout the journey. Take plenty of gauze and keep all medications handy. Take a seat that is closer to the bathroom in order to change your gauze easily and at regular intervals. Let the flight attendant know your problem and request for food that is best suited for your condition. If postponing the travel dates is an option, then it is highly recommended to travel a day or two after removal of wisdom teeth in Sydney.

  • Do not push yourself to be more active

Lot of rest and slow movements are important for easy recovery from wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. For instance, patients after wisdom teeth removal must not stand up quickly from the bed or couch as it would make you feel dizzy. It takes few hours for the anaesthesia to wear out and operating heavy machinery or driving right after the surgery is not recommended.

  • Do not meddle with the surgery site

Patients who try to feel the surgery site with the tongue or try peeking into the site forcibly often end up with more pain and dry socket. Wisdom teeth removal takes almost a week to heal completely and letting the site of surgery stay undisturbed during this period is mandatory.

About Dr Paulo Pinho:

Dr Paulo Pinho is an experienced dental surgeon who has worked closely with oral surgeons for 15 years in both Melbourne and Sydney is skilled in performing oral surgery under local and general anaesthetic. Dr Pinho has limited his practice to wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants, working closely with other oral surgeons. Visit or Call 1300 721 184 for more information Dental Office: Suite 4 Level 12, 187 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000


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