Stem Cell Therapy for COPD

Published On June 17, 2017 | By admin | Health

The basic building blocks of human tissue are the stem cells. They are the ones that repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate all the tissues in the body. Whenever the body is struck by any disease or an injury, these cells are the ones that respond to specific signals. Then they facilitate the healing process by differentiating into specialized cells that are required for the repair.

We normally tap into this unique system on a daily basis to repair and replace the diseased or damaged tissue. When this healing reserve of the body gets depleted, the regenerative power of the body also goes down and the body succumbs to the disease or injury.

These stem cells have innumerable uses and now the studies are on to use stem cell treatment therapy as an alternate treatment to manage the complications of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) commonly referred to as lung disease. It has been found that the stem cells that are extracted from the body of a patient have the potential to replace numerous different cells of the body and lung tissue is one of them.


These stem cells help in healing the body by replacing those cells that are plagued with disease. They help in regenerating the new cells and also suppress the macrophages response of the immune system, which engulfs and digests the dying cells present in the lungs.

There are three sources of stem cells in a person that can be used clinically. These are bone marrow, adipose tissue (fat) and peripheral blood.

It is expected that adult stem cell treatments might help those patients who do not respond to the conventional drug treatment. Those patients who want to reduce their dependency on medication are also trying this new treatment. So far, the results are encouraging. Through the use of one’s own stem cells, there have been significant improvements in the complications that arise in patients.

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