STD’s- awareness and treatment both are precious in this case

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STD’s a major concern for the world are very crucial diseases and people mostly are unaware about this fact. According to the statistics in US alone there are nearly 65 million patients of STD and every year there are many new patients and the approximation is about 15 million. This is really an alarming situation and awareness is very much necessary for this. http://bit.ly/2mVLj3Z is the website that is helping the people in this task and it is working for the empowerment of the folks. It provides a complete control and people can also learn about new facts that are associated with this.

The real facts associated with STD-

  • Generally the youngsters are very much prone to STD and especially those who fall in the segment of twenty five years.
  • One teenager among four is affected with this problem.
  • One American in four gets associated with sexual diseases once in their life.
  • Nearly fifteen percent of the females in America face problem in fertility because they leave STD untreated.
  • Untreated STD can inflame the tissues and make the men fertile and this is the actual position in American countries.
  • Genital herpes is also a STD and maximum people face this problem.

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Symptoms that can occur in STD-

These diseases have both minor and major symptoms but they have to be consulted with the doctor as soon as they are visible. The major symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Bleeding from vagina after intercourse
  • Painful testicles
  • Strong urge of urination frequently
  • Blisters on reproductive parts

Required treatment-

The treatment of STD is provided in three categories and they are as follows-

  • Bacterial STD- Chlamydia and gonorrhea are some STD that are caused bacteria and these can be treated with the help of anti-biotic medicines. Generally a single dose can helps the patients.
  • Parasitic STD- Antibiotics are used in this case as well and the drugs that are anti-parasitic are also prescribed. Shampoos are also available for its treatment.
  • Viral STD- Herpes and HIV are counted in this league and these things cannot be treated. However, there are drugs that can help in controlling the virus for a certain period.

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