Why You Should Shop at Local Dispensaries

Published On July 24, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Health

In California, with the voter approved Proposition 64, recreational marijuana is now legal. Even though dispensaries have opened up all around, some takers still put off heading down to their local Los Angeles dispensary and prefer instead to stick with the dealer they’ve known for ever. It can be hard at first to see the benefits from shopping at a local dispensary, but there is a bunch.

Through shopping at a local dispensary, you can actually select different strains of weed instead of just what your dealer has. You get to chat with experienced and knowledgeable bud tenders who can help you find different strains of marijuana for whatever your need or want may be such as sleep, relaxation or pain management. Shopping at a local dispensary allows you a great variety of choice and knowledge in what type of quality product you’re getting. If you get a subpar product from a drug dealer, there’s not really a storefront or customer service line that you can call to complain to. Shopping at a local dispensary is insurance in a sense; it allows you to have someone to voice any bad quality comments to.

A local dispensary also won’t require you to wait around for them. Granted they do close eventually, but when they’re open they are always available for you to go to without having to wait unlike some dealers. Another reason to go with a dispensary instead of a dealer is the overall atmosphere. A dispensary is friendly full of people waiting to help you whereas a drug dealer can be paranoid and gruff.

Some people still use drug dealers instead of dispensaries because they think that weed prices on the street are cheaper than at dispensaries, but that is often not the case. Marijuana at a dispensary is about three times cheaper than what dealers charge in states where marijuana is still illegal. Recreational shops will typically charge somewhere between twenty and sixty dollars an eighth while a medical dispensary will charge between fifteen and forty dollars an eighth. Some people continue using dealers to avoid having to pay marijuana taxes, but taxes go to things like public education and infrastructure and even with taxes, the cannabis at dispensaries is still reasonable priced. Overall, ditching your dealer is a good idea so you can stop feeling like you’re doing something illegal and enjoy the new era.

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