Rebounding Exercises Can Make You Live Longer (These 5 Facts Are Proof)

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Many people have terribly busy schedule, they can’t afford to visit the gym as often as they want. Most parents I know have resorted to keeping fit at home. They schedule and conduct their own strength training exercises, area-specific workouts and jogging. I fell into that category of super busy moms not too long ago. But sometimes brisk-walking outside is not an option. The weather is probably not suitable or the neighborhood isn’t safe. Some of these circumstances are beyond one’s control. In such a case, cardio exercises might be limited to running on a home-stationed treadmill. This served its purpose for a while.

After a while, quite naturally, I lost my enthusiasm for running on the treadmill. I never envisaged that would happen. But when I read an encouraging article that appeared in NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology, I knew I needed to incorporate rebounding exercises into my routine.

Research revealed that bouncing on a rebounder is 68% more efficient than jogging or running on a treadmill. I consider this encouraging news especially since rebounding exercises are exciting and never boring, especially when you try a variety of bounces. These exercises rely on the gravitational forces to accelerate and decelerate body movements,

If you are looking for fun exercises that not only induce rapid weight loss but elongate your lifespan, then rebound exercises are your best bet. Here are five facts that prove that rebounding exercises are perfect for increasing your life expectancy.

1. Helps To Detoxify and Purify the System

Rebounding exercises are uniquely fantastic at promoting the body’s natural detoxification mechanism. First, it allows your body to achieve a weightless state at the height of each jump as well as during landing.

When the body jumps up-and-down, it pushes up against gravity. And when it lands, it yields to gravity. This means the body attains two times the force of gravity on every single bounce. Consequently, the muscles and cells of the body are strengthened and renewed. The lymphatic system also becomes more active.

The increase in blood circulation caused the lymphatic fluid to leak out of the blood vessels into the body tissues. The lymphatic fluid transports food to the cells. It also cleanses the body tissues as well as forms tissue fluid. The tissue fluid flushes out toxins, harmful microorganisms and dead cells.

The best way to reap from the detoxification benefits is to spend at least twenty minutes doing this full body workout.

2. Boosts The Body’s Immune System

When I am bouncing on my high-quality Needak rebounder, I rarely remember that I am boosting my immune system. The exercises are so enjoyable that I often don’t want to stop. It is good to know that it does more than make me happier.

Rebounding exercises increases the flow of lymphocytes fifteen times more than usual. This is because the bounces cause the valves in the lymphatic system to open and close simultaneously. The lymph contains a great number of a specific kind of white blood cells called lymphocytes. These lymphocytes fight infections and destroy damaged (or anomalous) cells in the body.

Whether your aim is to increase the action in the red bone marrow or to promote tissue repair in the body, rebounding exercises offers many wonderful ways to elongate your lifespan

3. Assists In Slowing Down The Aging Process

If you want to stay young and beautiful, it is important to make healthier choices. One of the things you have to do is incorporate strength-building exercises into your routine. Rebounding exercises provide fantastic opportunities to make the body stronger, younger and healthier.

According to research, the aging process can be reverse when the body is strengthened. Rebounding helps to increase muscle mass and bone density. It also cuts down the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and other health problems associated with aging.

People who seek to slow down their aging process must incorporate rebounding exercises into their routine.

4. Improves The Thyroid Gland and Eliminates Cellulite

One of the biggest benefits of rebounding exercise is its ability to stimulate the thyroid gland to detoxify itself. It also cleanses the lymphatic system of cellulites. For those who don’t know, cellulite is a dangerous form of stored fat.

Rebounding is almost like pumping your body. Your body benefits from your active thyroid gland.

5. Reduces The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Health and fitness experts often recommend cardiovascular exercises like brisk walking, running, jump rope exercises rebounding exercises etc. These exercises help to boost the functioning of the cardiovascular system. But rebounding is my favorite.

Science has shown that rebounding improves blood circulation. This invariably strengthens and protects the cardiovascular system.

If you want a healthy heart, start rebounding today. You just might increase your lifespan.

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