Precautions to be taken while storing e-liquid

Published On February 13, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Health

E-liquid in an e-cigarette is responsible for giving the user the vaping experience he/she crave for. E-liquid is responsible. Different flavors are available in e-liquids. There are hundreds of companies which are selling e-liquids online. The user can also buy e-juice from the retail shops.

It is not easy to select a good cheap e juice like E-liquid Mate as there are thousands of Vape juice varieties available in the market. These varieties differ from each other in terms of their composition, ingredients, flavors, nicotine content and pricing. Another important factor which users are considering nowadays is whether the e-liquid is organic or not. When the user finds the vape-juice of his/her choice, it becomes a price possession for them. If not kept properly the e-liquid may get spoiled.

Precautions for storing e-liquid

  1. Always close the lid of e-liquid tightly. This will not only protect the e-liquid from spilling but will also minimize its exposure to air. Exposure to air may result in a change of color.
  2. Keep e-juice away from heat and sunlight: The nicotine present in E-liquid reacts with oxygen; this will result in fading of nicotine strength. Moreover, long time exposure to heat may initiate a chemical reaction in e-juice which may alter the entire flavor of the juice.
  3. Keep it away from the reach of kids and pets.
  4. Always keep track of the expiry date of the first ingredient of e-juice.

E-liquids can be stored in plastic as well as glass bottles. However, if someone wants to store the e-liquid for a longer duration (above two months), then glass bottles are preferable. Plastic bottles may interact with the e-liquid present in them. Moreover, it’s always better to use high-quality plastic bottles to store e-liquids as they are less permeable to air.

With a little bit of care and precautions, the user can use the e-liquid for a longer period of time.

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