Peptides and Vaccine Formulations

Published On June 16, 2018 | By Gerardo Sanders | Health

Peptide research is being undertaken in the medical field to find remedies for a wide variety of ailments and conditions.  In addition to being used to find remedies, peptides are also being used to prevent diseases through vaccine formulation. Though several studies are underway in this regard, here is a brief look at what has been achieved with the use of peptides in the formulation of vaccines-:

Anti-tumor peptides

The development of tumors in the human body is yet to be fully understood and there are a number of factors that may be responsible. However, one thing that is always clear with all types of tumors, is that their presence in the body usually has a close relationship with the regulation of different types of oncogenes in the body. In other words, different types of tumors will required different types of enzymes to act as their regulatory factors. Peptides are thus being exploited to see if they can be used as such regulatory factors so that through them, the growth and spread of tumors can be controlled or inhibited.

Peptides for anti-viral vaccines

There are a number of stages which an infection must go through before it becomes finally effective. Some of the stages include adsorption, penetration, nucleic acid replication, translation, transcription, and finally, packaging. If any of the stages and processes are interfered with, replication will not be possible, and the mutation of the virus within the host will be interrupted. Peptides are currently being used to disintegrate the processes so that replication becomes impossible and to consequently render the viruses ineffective in the body. If this is achieved, manufacture of anti-viral vaccines will be possible and it will be a major breakthrough in the industry.

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