Why Organic Cheese Is Good For You

Published On May 8, 2018 | By admin | Health

If you fancy yourself as someone who is an expert in cheese, you’ll probably already know about the amazing health benefits that organic cheese provides. If you’re not an expert but just like cheese like most people do, then you should try out some organic cheese as soon as possible! Keep reading to find out more about these health benefits.

No Antibiotics Used On Cows

The first great thing about organic cheese is that the cows will not have consumed any antibiotics when producing the milk. It is common for regular cheese to have come from cows that are given antibiotics to help reduce to spread of disease. This tends to be overused and can affect the end product. When it comes to organic cheese production, the cows will be treated with antibiotics if they get sick, but they will then be taken out of the production of milk.

More Omega-3 in Organic Cheese

Organic cheese like the ones available from Godminster Cheeses will also provide more Omega-3 which can do a lot for the health of your brain and your heart. If you have a good amount of the Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, you may see improvements in your health. What better way to improve the health of your heart than by indulging in some delicious organic cheese?

No Growth Hormones

Another great thing about organic cheese is that it does not contain any traces of the growth hormones fed to cows. The growth hormones fed to the traditional dairy cows can contribute to them getting an illness which can then in turn pass bacteria through to the milk. When you eat cheese from an organic cow, you’ll be sure that it doesn’t contain any of these hormones or bacteria.

More Protection From Salmonella

Because of the way that organic cows are fed, and not treated with any of these hormones or antibiotics, you can expect better protection against salmonella. These illnesses are a lot less frequent with organic cows and this can also help to prevent the spread of other harmful bacteria.

Great Source Of Calcium

Our final health benefit of eating organic cheese is related to the calcium that is present in cheese. Although you’ll still find lots of calcium in regular cheese, this is still a benefit and one which should be considered. If you’re not getting enough calcium, then your bones and teeth will not be getting the maximum amount of protection that they could be.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are trying to decide if you should switch to organic cheese or not, we think you should definitely give it a go! The health benefits from this type of cheese are so great that you wouldn’t want to miss out on them. There are so many different types of organic cheese available for you to try so make sure to get started soon. Improve the condition of your heart and stop the spread of harmful bacteria today!

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