Natural Method to Reduce Stretch Marks

Published On June 17, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Beauty Care

Almost every woman suffers from stretch marks. These marks which appear on the skin at various parts of the body, can literally be an issue for most people.

What are stretch marks?

To make it simple, we must compare the stretch marks with small scars appearing without any wounds of any kind. Initially, stretch marks are red or purplish then they become pink and end up staying on the skin in a pearly white hue. Obviously, this pearly white is still visible, and can remain so all your life if you do not take care of it effectively.

What factors are likely to cause them to appear?

Stretch marks often appear on pregnant women, indeed, stretch marks are mainly reputed to appear during or after a pregnancy. The body of women undergoes significant physical changes during this period, and it is common for women to experience extreme difficulty in the appearance of stretch marks.

Another proven cause of the appearance of these natural scars is the hormone cortisol. A scientific correlation has been established between an abnormally high cortisol level and an increased presence of stretch marks. This is particularly the case for high-level athletes, big consumers of coffee, or even intermittent fasting practitioners!

How do you prevent stretch marks?

Here are some useful methods of preventing stretch marks

  • Weight control: Whether you are pregnant or not, you should try to maintain a healthy and steady weight to prevent your skin from being stressed. Whenever you’re growing or suddenly putting on weight, you would most likely notice stretch marks forming. Working out too quickly to gain weight also could lead to stretch marks so make sure you never gain or lose weight too quickly.
  • Healthy diet: Keeping your skin healthy and supple requires getting enough foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C, D, E and zinc are very useful in keeping your skin fit and supple. Oranges and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C as well as vegetables which also contain collagen. Collagen makes the skin strong and supple. Having an elastic skin also prevents stretch marks and wrinkles.
  • Anti-stretch mark Band: This is a revolutionary product made by Secret Saviors which has shown proven results among pregnant women. This hand-made piece of clothing helps keep the skin from expanding inordinately during pregnancy which causes stretch marks. It also has the added benefits of providing support for the lower back and under the baby bump.
  • Anti-stretch mark cream: There are specially formulated stretch mark creams that contain ingredients that help to moisturize and soften the skin. These are full of active ingredients that leave the skin feeling nourished, smooth and flexible. One of the best examples of these is the Secret Saviors’ soothing Day and Night Creams. Both contain ingredients like Cetella asiatica that has been shown scientifically to increase skin collagen and strength.


It is quite difficult to prevent stretch marks but there are many ways to reduce its incident. By taking care of the skin and keeping it moisturized and as stress-free as possible, you will see fewer stretch marks on your body.

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