Male & Female infertility causes and complications:

Published On August 29, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Health

Not being able to conceive can be devastating. It takes immense strength to overcome infertility especially for young couples, it can be a nightmare. With so much of life ahead and not having a child can be a real loss. There is no easy way to cope up with this. It could be depressing and may even cause emotional break down. At a fertility clinic in Mumbai, I met a couple who me that they have come for a second opinion after several IVF failure at other fertility hospital. Couples keep trying until they achieve what they want.

Infertility is a rising concern in today’s era. Most of the people postpone their wedding as late as possible because they are in the process of chasing their dreams, couples concentrate more on their careers. When they decide to start a family, factors such as age, sperm count in men, and egg count in women affect the probability of a successful pregnancy and leave millions of couples clueless. It is very important to know ones fertility quotient before we try for conception. Although conception is a natural process, rapid advancements in the medical sciences have made assisted conception a reality, thereby bringing hope to these couples.

To increase the chances of becoming pregnant, intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments are two commonly used methods of fertility treatment. These treatments are very commonly performed at any IVF treatment center.

Infertility is on rising for a while now. This is also the worst nightmare for a couple. There are a lot of medical advancements for infertility treatment. One such relatively successful treatment option is IUI which expands to Intra-uterine Insemination. IVF treatments are there to help couples conceive by overcoming male infertility treatment. A healthy sperm is selected and is transferred into the uterus. This is also called as artificial insemination. So when IUI as a treatment for infertility is preferred, the embryos will be transferred into the uterine by artificial insemination process.

Male infertility is the most common reason for infertility between partners. Male infertility generally lies in the quality of sperms he is able to produce. The condition called azoospermia, which is caused by low sperm count is a major infertility issue. In general, a male infertility is diagnosed by an andrologists by conduction a male fertility test. The test includes evaluation of the quality of sperm and sperm count. About 20 in 100 men is diagnosed with infertility issues. Hence it has become a common issue.


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