Lisa Marie Cannon on  Laparoscopic Management Of Diverticulitis

Published On March 18, 2017 | By Gerardo Sanders | Health

If you experience pain all of a sudden in the lower area of your belly accompanied by chills and fever, you might think of taking some over the counter medications to lower and probably get rid of the pain. But if you are experiencing the same problems for more than a week or so, then it is maybe time to pay your doctor a visit as you might be suffering from a serious problem or possibly diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis is quite a common health problem especially among the people in the age group of forty and above. Diverticula are specially the small bulges that stick outside the large intestine. Even though the doctors are not too sure about what causes this disease, some physicians claim that lack of fiber in the food causes hard stools which require the patient to apply pressure for pushing hard stools and this may cause this problem.

In case of such issues, patients are usually prescribed medications along with a special diet; however, in case if the problems tend to persist then surgery may be the only option available. Based on the type of indication and diagnosis by the physician, below are the various surgical treatments that may be prescribed:

  • Bowel Resection or Partial Colectomy: This involves the elimination of the affected part and is typically done in the large colon area or large intestine.
  • Subtotal colectomy: This involves the removal of the colon but not the rectum.
  • Proctocolectomy: This involves the removal of colon as well as rectum.
  • Colostomy: This procedure includes many steps where the affected part is eliminated and a bag is attached till the residual parts restore. In certain cases, when the rectum and lower area are removed, the bag would remain long-lasting.

With the advancement in the medical sciences, laparoscopic techniques are used by the surgeons so that the patient can recover faster, less pain, fewer heart, lung and wound complications and shortened hospital stay. The outstanding consequences and mainly an early return to work and the necessity for minimal pain medication ensure a noticeable role for laparoscopic technique approach in the future.

Being a specialist on surgical care patients, Dr Lisa Marie Cannon says that laparoscopic management of diverticulitis has verified significant medical and quantitative benefits with regard to postoperative pain, operative blood loss, and length of hospital stay, mortality and morbidity in contrast with open surgical techniques. She is a physician based out of Chicago, Illinois and her medical specialty is Colon and Rectal Surgery. She practices in Chicago, Illinois and has the professional credentials of M.D.

Lisa Marie Cannon MD obtained her MD from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. She has received the John J. Morton, MD and John H. Morton, MD Memorial Scholarship, in acknowledgment of her emphasis on patient care. At the University of Chicago she has completed a colon and rectal fellowship. At present, she serves as the medical student–faculty controller of the Section of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

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