Instructions to Burn More Calories without Breaking a Sweat

Published On October 14, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Health

If you’re not a fan of sweating inside a stuffy gym, don’t worry as it’s still possible to lose weight without having to spend all your free time in a gym. If you’re curious, simply continue reading to discover how to lose weight fast, without becoming a gym bunny.

Healthy eating doesn’t involve starving yourself. Simply put, healthy eating is consuming a nutritionally balanced diet, full of foods which are rich in nutrients and vitamins. What to eat in the event that you need to get more fit:

Cruciferous vegetables: Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and cabbage are low in calories and are packed full of vitamins and nutrients.

Oats: Oats are rich in fiber, which will help you feel fuller for longer. So if you consume oats for breakfast you’ll be unlikely to feel puckish until lunch time. Better yet oats contain resistant starch, a healthy carbohydrate which can boost your metabolism.

Salmon: Salmon can be served with a side salad and is a lean source of protein.


Blueberries: A whole cup of blueberries only contains 80 calories. So if you’re looking for a healthy snack look no further.

Eggs: Eggs are packed full of protein which will help you burn lean muscle and will help you feel satiated for several hours.

Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

If you’re interested in speeding up your weight loss, you may be interested in putting the following five weight loss tips into action:

  • Drink green tea on a daily basis: Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate, a substance which has been proven to boost your metabolism and mobilize the fat in your body’s fat cells. To find out more information visit

  • Use smaller bowls and plates: By using smaller bowls and plates, you’ll avoid overeating and your servings will appear larger than they are.
  • Eliminate sugary drinks such as soda and juice from your diet: Sugary drinks are laden with calories, so if you are serious about losing weight it pays to cut sugary drinks from your diet.
  • Use spices instead of sauces to add flavor to your meals: Instead of pouring calorie laden sauces onto your meals, get into the habit of cooking with spices such as basic, chili and paprika.
  • Get into the habit of keeping a food diary: If you get into the habit of keeping a food diary, you’ll start to become more mindful about the foods which you choose to consume.

Instructions to Increase Metabolism: The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

If you boost your metabolism, you’ll burn more calories when you’re sedentary. So if you’re keen to burn calories whilst you’re sitting at an office desk or watching your favorite television series, simply continue reading.

Always set time aside to consume breakfast: Scientific studies have proven that eating breakfast can boost your resting metabolism by 10%. Eat smaller meals, more often: Instead of eating three large meals a day, you may want to try eating 5 smaller, more regular meals. As eating smaller meals, more often, will fire up your metabolism.

Eat a protein rich diet: Consuming protein will help you build and maintain lean muscle. Did you know that that the more lean muscle you have, the higher you’re resting metabolism will be?Low-Carb-Diet

How to Lose Weight without Starving Yourself

If you’re sick of feeling lethargic and tired, you may want to try a new diet, in order to get rid of your excess weight. However, if you assume that you have to starve yourself on a diet of salad and water, think again as it’s possible to lose weight by consuming a nutritionally balanced diet full of delicious, mouth watering foods. Make a habit out of eating breakfast each morning Did you know that your metabolism doesn’t burn calories until you consume a bit of food? That’s why those who make a habit out of eating a healthy breakfast such as a boiled egg, a piece of whole grain toast and a banana, are a healthier weight than those who skip breakfast. Better yet by consuming breakfast you’ll be less likely to binge on junk food such as sweets and crisps.

Want to lose weight? Eat more of this food one way to jump start your weight loss is to add chili peppers to your daily meals. As an example, you may want to sprinkle chopped up chili peppers onto your soups and salads. You can also use chili to give flavor to grilled chicken or smoked salmon. What makes chili so special? Chili contains properties which kick starts your body’s ability to burn fat. Food scientist Heidi Allison, the author of the Chili Pepper Diet, found that consuming chili allows individuals to lose up to 10 times the amount of weight that they’d lose by following a traditional diet.

Drink a glass of water before each meal most people mistake thirst for hunger. That’s why it’s wise to drink a glass of water before each meal. As that way, you’ll be far less likely to over eat and consume unnecessary calories. Always wait half an hour before serving yourself a second helping Did you know that it takes your body approximately 20 minutes to feel satiated after consuming food? That’s why it pays to eat your food slowly and to wait at least 30 minutes before serving yourself a second helping of dinner.

Try cooking with coconut oil Coconut oil is an unsaturated fat and is low in calories. Better yet, recent clinical studies have shown that cooking with coconut oil on a daily basis can help your metabolism burn up to 150 extra calories per day. That’s 150 calories that you won’t have to burn on a treadmill. Eliminate refined carbs from your diet refined carbs such as white bread and pasta have been stripped of nutrients and are empty calories, that will lead to weight gain. If you’re worried that you’ll struggle to get through a single day without consuming carbohydrates, don’t worry! Unrefined carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, brown rice and beans are packed full of nutrients and will give you the energy you need to get through a tiring day. So what are you waiting for? If you’re serious about dropping weight, just follow the helpful tips listed above and before you know it, you’ll have to purchase a whole new wardrobe to suit your trim new body.


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