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How Much Do You Know About Redox Signaling Technology?

Published On March 16, 2017 | By Gerardo Sanders | Health

While advancements in technological devices may be at the forefront of thought for most people, it’s important to also recognize redox signaling technology and the advancements within this field. Haven’t heard of redox signaling technology? Here are 5 facts about this amazing technology you really should know.

1. Redox Signaling Molecules are in Everyone

Every living thing is comprised of cells, and within these cells are redox signaling molecules. These amazing little molecules are essentially the way your body and your cells communicate with each other. Over time, redox signaling molecules begin to work less efficiently, which is why your body begins to age, your organs don’t work as well, and your skin gets wrinkles.Image result for About Redox Signaling Technology

2. You Have Your Choice of Intake

When first introduced to the market, redox signaling molecules were only available in the drinkable form of a redox signaling supplement. In 2014, ASEA introduced a new product, RENU 28, which takes the benefits of redox signaling molecules, and offers them in a topical form to help maximize the anti-aging benefits of redox signaling technology.

3.  Redox Signaling Technology Has Been Around for Years

Although only gaining recognition in the past few years, redox signaling technology has been around since 2010 when the first redox signaling supplement became available for purchase. Over the years, redox signaling technology has been advancing, hence the introduction of 4 topical products, and the potential for more in the future.

4. There’s Only One Company Utilizing This Technology

With the use of its special proprietary blend, ASEA has been creating redox signaling molecules outside of the body for nearly the past decade, and is still the only company that’s been able to harness this technology at this time. Redox signaling molecules utilize the antioxidants within your body to help repair any damage or problems that arise within your body, particularly in your cells. There is no other known way to improve the function of your redox signaling molecules than with the use of this technology.

5. Top Research Institutes are Finally Taking Notice

Only recently have some of the top institutes and universities in the country taken notice of the significance of redox signaling molecules, and begun doing research of their own to learn more. It’s likely that in the coming years, as more research is done and more is known about redox signaling molecules, this technology will only continue to improve and advance.  

The Best Is Yet to Come

While the current redox signaling technology available is producing results in many people, it is likely that the best is yet to come. Only time will tell what more benefits redox signaling technology will present for the old and young alike.

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