Get your Legs Beach Ready with These Proven Target Exercises  

Published On June 27, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Health

It’s fun in the sun time again! That means showing off shorts and flaunting bikinis. Make sure your legs are prepared for it. These moves will have your legs toned, defined, and ready for summer all year long.

Sumo Squats

These are a wider version of regular squats with feet turned outward instead of forward. The wider, deeper squat helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Like the traditional squat, you can complete this exercise using barbells, squat rack and bar, or your own body weight. Beginners may be more comfortable with the leg press machine in a Portland Oregon fitness center.


Consider this a full body exercise since it works all the key areas. On the legs, you’ll see results in your glutes and quads. Burpees are intense, but effective. If you’re new to burpees, you can try a modified version and work your way up.

Lunges (front and reverse)

The main muscles lunges work are the front and inner upper leg, glutes, and calves. All version of the lunge are fairly easy to do. Just be sure to use the right form without overextending your knees. Reverse lunges are easier on the knees too.

Calf Raises

It’s obvious from the name that calf raises enhance your lower leg, but they also improve your plantars (soles of feet). Most gyms in Portland Oregon should have equipment to do sitting calf raises, but you can also do them standing by using a step.

Wall sits

This endurance exercise strengthens and tones multiple areas of the leg. The calves, quads, glutes, and hamstring will have a tighter appearance. As you get into a squatting position, place your back flat against the wall. Sit in this position as long as you can while inhaling and exhaling.

To build and tone your legs the way to want them, the right technique is necessary. A personal trainer will show you how to properly perform these leg workouts. Find one in the Portland Oregon fitness center MUV Fitness. Contact them to learn more about trying their gym risk free.


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