Fildena: Understanding the Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction medications can have mild to adverse side effects. There are many factors at play here including whether the male sufferer is taking other medications, taking illegal drugs, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Some male patients even need to try several drugs before they may find the one that actually works for them.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction must depend on the underlying cause. A combination of treatments may be required although whatever medication you are taking, it should always be combined with a healthy lifestyle.

One drug that is mostly advisable for erectile dysfunction patients is sildenafil citrate, with a generic brand such as Fildena. It is also proven safe and effective in treating the condition. However, it may have certain side effects as well. The symptoms are mostly mild and manifest as the natural reaction of the body. Importantly, when taking a drug like Fildena, you must observe your body and how it reacts to it particularly on the first few days of taking it.

There are other side effects to monitor, though. Side effects may vary, and you may experience it now and not on the next day. After a few days, you may experience a totally different side effect than the first one. So observe, observe, observe.

A headache is the most common side effect as well as facial flushing, muscle aches, dizziness and ringing in the ears. Gastrointestinal upsets and diarrhea may be experienced too. Nevertheless, these symptoms may worsen eventually if you ignore them and result in the combination of other worse conditions.

Some other symptoms to watch out for are nosebleed, heartburn and visual and hearing loss. These are indicative that you are taking the wrong dosage or taking more than what you should be consuming. Sleep disturbances, urinary tract infections and sensitivity to the light are other side effects.

Again, all of these may happen in isolation or combination as you proceed with taking Fildena. To minimize these effects, it is advisable to limit physically draining activities other than eliminating drugs, alcohol and cigarettes from your lifestyle. These things are not helping and are only making the symptoms worse. Apart from this, these are counterproductive and render sildenafil citrate ineffective.

You may be wondering why Fildena is not effective in attaining and sustaining your erection. The answer lies in this scenario. Other than that, it would be wise to stop the doses immediately and assess whether you are taking it right or not. Also, observe the periods when you experience the side effects. Did they consistently appear after taking the drug or a few hours? Did they immediately go away or persistent?

If you experience any side effects, it would be wise to communicate these with your doctor so that he or she can recommend a different medication for you. You need not wait for the mild side effects to worsen before you consult with your doctor again. The anxiety caused by these side effects may be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction hence these should be addressed immediately.

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