Fastin dosage – how to take Fastin?

Published On March 15, 2017 | By Howard Munoz | Health

There are two doses that can be prescribed for Fastin as an anti-obesity therapy. What is best for a given patient and how often they should take it has to be determined for each person. Fastin was available in 15 to 37.5 mg capsules. So, a single dose was 15 mg or 37.5 mg. These capsules should not be divided in half, opened or chewed on. Fastin should be taken with a lot of water. Fastin should be taken once a day 1 to 2 hours before breakfast or 1 to hours after breakfast. Do not take in the late after as it is known to cause insomnia.Image result for Fastin dosage - how to take Fastin?

To maximize the effects of Fastin, the optimal dose may need to be adjusted as well as how often it should be taken. It is recommended to take a Fastin dose once a day meaning every 24 hours meaning you should take it at the same time each day. In some cases, a patient may be told to take Fastin only during bingeing as opposed to every day. Sometimes, the commonly recommended dose needs to be divided into two doses. So, if you were on the 37.5 mg dose, then you would take one 15 mg capsule in the morning and one 15 mg capsule later in the morning. It has been reported that a lower dose taken twice a day is just as effective as taking one higher dose. Sometimes, two smaller doses are done to minimize side effects. Although, 37.5 mg of Phentermine HCL is the recommend dose, patients are often given the lowest does to see how well they tolerate the drug. If you have no side effects but the lower dose is not working for you, the higher recommended dose will be prescribed. The maximum dosage for Fastin is 37.5 mg daily. Any more than this is considered an overdose and can have serious side effects.

No matter what daily dose you take, you can’t take Fastin for more than 12 weeks (3 months). Beyond the 3 month allowable time for therapy, Fastin effects decrease. Weight loss stops with continued therapy along with an increase in serious side effects. This drug therapy for obesity is meant for short-term treatment only.

If you are experiencing some common Fastin side effects such as dry mouth, constipation and/or diarrhea, you can change your diet somewhat to accommodate these problems. Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day. This helps with dry mouth and constipation. If dry mouth is really bothering you try some hard candies (i.e. peppermint). If you get tired of water, switch over to tea and I suggest green tea. You can drink this hot or cold, however do not add sugar to it. Drink it unsweetened. You’ll get used to it over time. Constipation requires an increased liquid intake but also fiber. Try eating some veggies as they have a lot of fiber and a little brown rice is good. If you have diarrhea, you need to replenish electrolytes so try sports drinks. Just by altering your diet a little bit, will help diminish these side effects. These common side effects are generally temporary and go away when your body adjusts to the drug.


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