A brief overview on the different health benefits of bikes

Published On November 20, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Health

One of the biggest benefits of using bikes from a health point of view is that it is a great option for cardiovascular exercises. It is not always possible to run on each and every cardio day – you do need variety. Otherwise, there is a chance that you would be bored and your body would get used to the strain and stop producing the results that you expect it to produce from such workouts. There is always a need to shock your system and surprise it just so that you burn more calories and stay fit. This is an important part of cycles and advice related to health in general.

Strength training

Not many may know this but these are great when it comes to strength training as well. In any case, when you are cycling most of the muscles that are there in your lower body are targeted. With these instruments, you always have the option of playing around with the resistance levels. This means when you increase the resistance levels you are increasing the strength in your lower body muscles. When you do it over time you are basically burning your fat and exerting your muscles at the same time. This consistent expansion and contraction of your muscles is like an isotonic exercise.

Weight loss

This is the most evident benefit of cycling. Anybody can gauge that. Everybody out there is trying to lose weight nowadays and this is where your exercise cycle can be of much help for you. Since it is a great option for cardio and strength training at the same time you are able to burn a whole lot of calories at the same time. The highly popular womenshealthmag.com says that a 135-pound lady can in an hour of cycling burn up to 500 calories. Thus, as you can see, it proves to be doubly effective in this regard.

Low-risk exercising

Cycling is a great option for those who wish to work out but do not wish to undergo the rigors of conventional exercises. It places minimal stress on your body as such and the results are amazingly rewarding as well. When you practice full-on cardio exercises such as skipping and running there is always a chance that you would get injured in the bargain. This is because in these exercises your joints such as knees and ankles are always being jerked and shocked. This is where cycling with its low impact nature can be so helpful.

Better joint mobility

With the help of cycling on a regular basis, you would be able to improve the range of motions that your lower body joints such as knees, ankles, and hips are capable of performing. Even as you paddle all these joints are rotating and this is how their range of motions is positively affected. They become stronger as a result.

Following are some other positives of cycling:

  • It is an easier form of exercise
  • It does not depend on the vagaries of weather
  • It can lift your mood
  • You would get a really good lower body
  • It would improve your health



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