The Best Laser Treatments to Remove Freckles

Published On February 14, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Featured

Freckles are perfectly harmless brown spots that develop on the skin because of sun exposure. Among the many treatment options, the laser treatments are the most effective and have longer lasting effects. Before you rush out and try to get your freckles removed, you will need to have them checked by your dermatologist to ensure that they are freckles and not other manifestations. There are several laser treatments available, and these will eliminate the melanin pigment that brings on the freckles.

Ablative Lasers vs Non-Ablative Lasers

Ablative lasers eliminate the superficial layers of skin; thus the freckles will be removed too; however, these lasers are incredibly invasive and have long recovery times associated with them. Non-ablative skin lasers are commonly recommended rather than ablative lasers to eliminate freckles, due to the fact that they are not as invasive and have quicker healing times.

Non-ablative lasers do not remove layers of skin, but they do reconfigure and revitalise the surface layer of skin. The only real disadvantage with these lasers is that multiple treatment sessions are necessary to achieve optimal results. To learn more about non-ablative laser treatments book a free consultation for freckle removal in Adelaide at epiclinic; South Australia’s Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic. Below is a list of the most popular non-ablative laser treatment options available:


The Cooltouch procedure uses a cooling spray; then pulses are transmitted to the skin to remove the freckles. A series of treatments are necessary for the best results, and each session lasts typically for half an hour.


Medlite is quite similar to the Cooltouch treatment method, as it will also transfer pulses of energy into the skin. Both Cooltouch and Medlite prompt the collagen production and also minimise wrinkles. A series of treatments are needed for complete freckle removal.

N-Lite Laser Treatment

The N-Lite laser beams will pierce through the skin, and precisely pinpoint the melanin, removing the freckles after just a few treatment sessions.

Fraxel Treatments

Fraxel treatments use laser beams and carbon dioxide to resurface the skin and minimise the appearance of freckles. This treatment method pinpoints tiny areas of the skin at a time. Collagen production is activated; thus the skin’s surface will get a younger and fresher appearance as well as the removal of freckles.  

Fractional Resurfacing

Fractional resurfacing is like Fraxel and removes freckles along with age spots or other scars it also minimises the appearance of wrinkles too.

Intense Pulsed Light

With intense pulsed light, short light pulses are transmitted into the skin, enhancing the appearance of the skin as well as getting rid of freckles. The treatment administers heat, which prompts the collagen production and minimises wrinkling.

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