6 Excellent Ways To Boost Your Memory And Focus

Published On March 28, 2017 | By Anna McDonald | Health

 No matter how old we are and what we do for a living, we all want to preserve and improve our memory and ability to focus on what we do — whether it is work, study or just routine housekeeping. But, is it really possible and can we do it in a natural way? Fortunately, the answer to both questions is positive, and below you’ll learn about 6 natural ways to boost your memory and focus.

1. Be Physically Active

To help your brain stay sharp, it’s important not to skip the physical workout. While increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain, physical exercise can reduce the risk of developing disorders that lead to memory loss, for instance cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Physical workout can reduce the stress hormones and enhance mental function by boosting brain chemicals. Also, exercise boosts growth factors and stimulates new neuronal connections; therefore, its role in neuroplasticity is extremely important.

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2. Work Out Your Brain

Human brain develops billions of neural pathways which help people recall and process information, solve problems and do tasks as quickly as possible and without putting too much effort into it. These well-worn paths make your life easier, but every now and then, you should give your brain the stimulation it requires to keep developing and growing. An effective brain workout should break the routine and challenge people to develop and use new pathways to accomplish unfamiliar tasks.

The activity you choose for working out your brain should be something you aren’t familiar with, something out of your comfort zone. It should be a challenging skill that you could build on. Some examples are: learning a new language, trying a new sport, playing brain games, etc. There are many brain-boosting activities that are enjoyable and rewarding too.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Although most people can get by with 6 hours of sleep, the truth is that an adult requires approximately 8 hours of sleep per night in order to preserve brain health and function. The key memory-enhancing activities which are vital for memory consolidation occur during the deep stage of sleep. Getting enough sleep is crucial for reinforcing your brain power.

4. Manage Stress

Stress is a negative factor to our overall well-being, and it’s linked to memory loss too. Over time, it can destroy brain cells and damage the region of the human brain associated with the retrieval of old memories and the formation of new ones. Therefore, it’s necessary to find your own way to fight stress.

5. Have a Brain-Friendly Diet

Your brain needs fuel and energy to work properly. Luckily, the diet that works well for your body, will work well for your brain as well. Eat various vegetables, fruits, whole grains, “good” fats (from fish, nuts, virgin oils), as well as lean protein is a bodybuilding food to boost your memory and focus.

Many people also take multivitamins and herbal supplements that are designed to support brain health. In this mhrc.cc review you can discover and compare two popular supplements others have used to improve their memory and cognitive functions. There are many herbal formulas worth trying and as long as you talk to your doctor first, they are quite safe and may give you a significant brain boost without the side effects that often come with stimulant medications.

6. Don’t Forget to Laugh

Not only does laughter reduce stress, but it is also a good medicine for improving mental performance. When you listen to jokes and work out punch lines, you activate areas of your brain that are crucial for creativity and learning. So, surround yourself with playful, fun people and laugh more often to give your gray matter a little boost.

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