5 Myths of hair Transplant And their Facts

Published On May 26, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Hair Loss

Hair fall issue is a menacing problem mostly for people residing in the urban areas.  Due to the impact of globalization and modern lifestyle this issue has cropped up for both men and women after a certain age.  There can be various known and unknown reasons for hair fall.

Baldness at a young age is real cause of embarrassment both in professional and social ground.  Yet nothing can be done. The modern lifestyle may have some good things but on the contrary it is creating a lot of issues related to health. Either the food which we are having is not of pure quality or may be the environment is rotten due to the adverse effect of uncontrollable pollution.

Hair transplant is the only scientific solution to bring back your good old hair.  Hair transplant in Pune is famous in India as all the good clinics with experience doctors are operating over there.

For many people the process of hair transplant is completely a myth.  It is believed that once you lose your hair it is gone forever.  There are no chances of growing back.  The process of transplantation is a truth for few people who have experience it but for the majority it is a myth like any other thing.

  • Hair transplant is not long lasting specially the FUE method

Though it is the most advance technique used but hair transplant is never a permanent solution to hair fall.  The process of transplant involves two particular methods such as FUE and FUT. The transplant is done by shifting the roots of the hair from the donor area to the recipient part.   Over here it is also believed that the FUT process can make a permanent solution as the excision of the strip is done through the safe donor portion.  But the other process FUE takes the roots of the hair from an unsafe area which leads to more damage.


  • One has to survive with medicines for a long time

This is an absolute wrong notion of people that after hair transplant one has to take medicines for a long time.  The result of transplantation can be observed within a month or two from the day of the surgery.  Talking about medicines there is nothing as such apart from one or two which the doctor may prescribe.

  • It causes a lot of pain-

Many are under the impression that the transplantation process causes severe pain to people.  But on the contrary it has nothing to do with pain. It is a very simple surgery with no trauma or pain in it. One can simply undergo a transplant process without much worry.

  • The surgery leaves no scar-

Every operation or surgery leaves a mark on some part of the body. Even the hair transplant surgery leaves a spot on the skull.  It is an absolute wrong notion that no such scar or spot is seen.

  • The transplant process has immediate result-

Again it’s a myth that the transplant process gives immediate result.  After the surgery it takes around 6 to 7 months for the hair to grow back in full form.  No surgery or operation can cure a person within a short period of time. In the same way the hair transplant process takes time to bring back the good old hair.

Humans have different believes which no matter what cannot be changed.  Certain myths and thoughts are consistent over generation. Still hair transplant is the best method to get back your hair within a short period of time.  In India hair transplant in Pune is considered to be the best with reputed clinics and the best surgeons.


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