5 Industries That Are Working to Help the Planet

Published On March 29, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Health

The responsibility of keeping the planet healthy and green falls on the entire globe’s population. Despite this reality, only some of the world’s citizens are working to make a difference. Most of this work comes from specific industries that have made a commitment to look for greener and more sustainable practices. A variety of public and private sectors have focused on the future of the world and its potential. Here are five industries that are leading the way in working to help the planet.

  1. Science

The industry that is pioneering the way in developing greener practices for the world is the science field. Within the sciences, individuals working in chemistry, biology, ecology, zoology, and other subjects have all realized the importance of sustainability for the future of the planet. One example of a science field doing its part is in the development of green chemistry. The chemical industry has spent a huge amount of money and resources on finding chemical solutions that are not harmful to the planet for society’s problems.

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  1. Health

The health industry is also working to transform some of its practices to help ensure the planet’s future survival. Researchers in the health and medical field are looking for new ways to improve the environment. When specific regions of the environment are contaminated with pollution, heavy metals, or other additives, the community’s health suffers. Graduate degree programs from institutions like USC are working towards solutions to these and other public health problems. If public health is something you are passionate about click here to learn how you can obtain a masters in public health online.

  1. Informatics

The future of things like medical care and the environment are also affected by the next industry that’s beneficial to the planet, informatics. Informatics uses data to help industry leaders make decisions about best practices. Data-based tools may help researchers find even better ways to solve the planet’s problems with pollution, overpopulation, and diminishing resources. Programs like those at University of Cincinnati take a look at the role of informatics in the healthcare industry and examine the future of this promising field.

  1. Technology

Those who work in the technology sector are also highly engaged in finding sustainable solutions for the world’s need for energy and other resources. Leaders in some tech firms have expressed an interest in developing new tools to help bring clean water, greener farming practices, and more energy-efficient vehicles to the world. Expect to see more innovations in renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal, in the future.

  1. Education

The last industry that has taken cues from the others regarding being earth friendly is the education sector. Educators have taken the idea of sustainability and added it to their practices in teaching and facility management. With a rising student population of billions of young people, more educational districts are building and renovating their schools with greener features. Educational leaders are designing buildings equipped with recyclable materials, green roofs, sustainable energy sources, and other eco-friendly features. Teachers are taking the idea to heart and incorporating these practices into their lessons as they help mold the ideology of tomorrow’s population.

As many different types of industries work together to help preserve the health of the planet, more of the world’s citizens may take notice. Then, the future generation may inherit a healthier place to live.

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