5 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Published On August 8, 2017 | By Goldie Brim | Health

Whether you’re recovering from a back injury or you’re a performance athlete with daily high activity demands on your body, deep tissue massage can be of help. Long used as a way of relaxation, massage therapy now plays an important role in addressing different problems.

According to a Physiotherapy clinic in Winnipeg, deep tissue massage is primarily used to reduce pain and discomfort, while also improving the body’s ability to heal itself. Apart from that, let’s explore the different ways that deep tissue massage can benefit your body and mind.

Effective Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

While therapeutic massage is known to reduce muscle pain, deep tissue massage is more effective in treating chronic back pain. Based on studies done by the Scientific World Journal, deep tissue massage has a positive effect on reducing pain in patients having back problems.

With the increasing popularity of alternative treatment solutions, deep tissue massage is fast becoming the alternative treatment of choice when it comes to better managing chronic back pain and other pains in the body.  


Reduces Muscle Tension, Stress and Anxiety

Muscle tension, chronic stress and anxiety are common, especially in an ever demanding lifestyle that strains both the body and mind. A Washington Post article, notes that deep tissue massage can have positive effects on stress, anxiety and muscle tension.

It boosts production of the feel good hormone, oxytocin, that has a soothing effect on the muscles and also relaxes the body. Regular deep tissue massage also helps lower limbic system activity, that ensures a more natural and better regulation of your nervous system.

Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

For adults with high blood pressure, deep tissue massage has been found to have positive effects on arterial blood pressure readings. Regular massage sessions help dilate blood vessels and gradually lower blood pressure.

Massage therapy, when done correctly can help reduce cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure that can lead to more health problems and longer recovery times.   

Improves Athletic Injury Recovery and Performance

Athletes worldwide result to alternative treatment options like deep tissue massage when it comes to injury recovery and improving performance. Sports massage is particularly beneficial, considering that it’s done before sporting events to help warm muscles and prevent injuries.


Recent studies have shown that deep tissue massage can help delay the onset of muscle soreness, muscle fatigue and help with injury prevention and treatment. It also offers psychological benefits like improved confidence and focus, for athletes at all levels.

Relieves Arthritis Symptoms

Dealing with arthritis symptoms can be frustrating. Deep tissue massage has long been used to help relieve common symptoms like stiffness, chronic joint pain, limited range of motion in joints and sleeping problems. Daily massage can be a natural relief to these symptoms.

Find a Qualified Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

While deep tissue massage is beneficial in many ways, it’s not for everyone. It’s always advisable to consult your doctor before seeing a massage therapist. When done incorrectly, massage can cause problems like increased pain, complications and inflammation

Finding a qualified and accredited massage therapist is crucial when it comes to performing massage therapy in a safe and effective manner that ensures results. Experienced therapists will even recommend practices you can do at home to improve healing or recovery.  

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